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Penthouse F
by Richard Kalich

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Kalich delivers a fresh, relevant, and enticingly readable work of metafiction. Akin to the best work of Paul Auster.

- Trevor Dodge, American Book Review, January/February 2013

Richard Kalich's extraordinary new novel is a work concerned with the writing life, but it is also much more. A brilliant metafiction that deals with issues of great import to our post-postmodern age. This is an important work that deserves to be read by everyone interested in serious fiction.

- Marc Lowe, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Spring 2011

Richard Kalich's newest novel is hilarious for being the most piquant appropriator of absurdism... Kalich has succeeded in consistently producing perplexing fictions that fail to categorize themselves and escape the warping influence of authorial intent.

- Christopher Leise, Electronic Book Review

This book is of the kind that once you start you just want to keep reading both to find out what happens, and in this case, the strange way it makes what happens work. I’ve since bought everything else by Kalich I can find (nameably The Nihilesthete (1987) & The Zoo (2001) & Charlie P (2005)). This is a book, a body of work, an author, deserving a new unearthing eye.

- Blake Butler, HTMLGIANT Reviews

Richard Kalich's third novel pushes all the buttons a good whodunit novel ought to push - it’s enthralling, intriguing and tense throughout. Penthouse F is a baffling, intricate and accomplished work of meta-fiction, exploring themes of cruelty, obsession, the cult of observation and the greasy, perforated, un-ironed linen skin between fiction and reality... Thrilling and confusing in equal measure, Penthouse F is an important book that dismantles the reader, leaving you in fragmented bits and pieces like the barbed clips that make up the novel’s structure.

- Colin Herd, 3:AM Magazine

Whereas "Richard Kalich," the author of Penthouse F, is canny and wily, "Richard Kalich" the character is far more naive, and that ironic tension is the source of a good deal of fun here.

- Warren Motte, World Literature Today


Penthouse F


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